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Rumson Fair Haven Reg High School9

Rumson, NJ | Monmouth County


June 7, 2011

I could not have asked to have gone to a better high school than RFH. Now entering my third year of college, I have been given many opportunities to reflect on what an excellent education I was given at the high school level. I can definitely say that I am ahead of the curve at my school through opportunities such as the senior project. I feel as though the school prepared me for just about everything that I needed to know when entering college. As an education major in college some of my greatest inspirations and supporters were my high school teachers and staff.

Submitted by a student

February 9, 2010

The last of my three children graduated RFH 6/09 and all have thrived since. My freshman at a top university had a general education requirement class titled 'Great Books that Shaped the West' and had already read every book on the sylabus in high school. In two other gen ed courses the professor cited her written assignments for other students to refer to as to what it expected for writing at the college level. I also had a child who was acdemically challenged, who had an IEP and went through RFH in lower level classes with academic support. The level of his 'challenged ciriculum at RFH' was within normal parameters at most other high schools in the county. He graduated from a state university with a full time job waiting.

Submitted by a parent

March 28, 2008

You don't truly understand what a great school RFH is until you have the chance to compare your education with others. Upon graduating from RFH, I attended Villanova for undergrad, and I was surprised to find the I was ahead of my peers (who had attended the top private schools) there in almost every subject. I was more than prepared for college through the many advanced placement classes that RFH offered me. My first year of college was a breeze because it was basically a repeat of high school, and this is not to say that Villanova was not a challenging school (my business program was just ranked 12th in the country) because my peers struggled. My best advice to students at RFH is to challenge yourself with the honors and AP courses because they have put me ahead of everyone I have met thus far in the real world.

Submitted by a student

February 10, 2006

It was the best experiance of my life. I'm extremely glad that I attended rfh. The teachers, students and other staff members were supportive of me and my fellow students throughout the entirety of my four years there. The academic programs that they offer are extremely helpful in preparing for college and are just as challanging as well. The sports programs are amazing as well as are the music programs. It was an extremely safe school and provided me with an enviroment in which I felt safe to be myself. The school is its own little community where there are no real 'cliques'. Pretty much everyone is friends. Its a place where you can't walk down the hall without someone(or several people) saying hi and asking how you are. Without the school I would not have gotten into the college I'm in today. I love it and miss it a lot!

Submitted by a former student

February 19, 2005

As a parent/guardian of children who has gone thru the system, in my opinion I have found that most of the students do well due to some extremely caring teachers and excellent educational backgrounds of parents. Many of the children get acceptance to their college of choice because their parents are alumni of that college. With the financial means a great deal of the students have tutors and most if not all go for private schooling for SAT's. Safety is taken as the thought of 'Not in my backyard'. Administration appears carried away with the neighborhood and believe nothing can happen in Rumson. Some of the teachers are difinity teach a ultra liberal point of view.

Submitted by a parent

September 2, 2004

Rumson-Fair Haven is one of the finest public high schools in America granting an elite high school education on the public's dime. The faculty are amongst the best I have seen. The college placement rate is virtually 100%. Many students whose parents are upper income still get large college scholarships due to their academic and extra-curricular activities. The top universities also send recruiters to the high school because they know they will find the type of students that they want to attend their school. In short, Rumson-Fair Haven gives an elite education in a public school setting.

Submitted by a staff

April 9, 2004

As a parent, I can attest that RFH is one of the best small schools in NJ. My children abousolutely love this school. The students are passionate about learning, guidance is hands-on, discipline is appropriate and every faculty member from substitutes to veteran teachers cares about the students-some are even so kind to use their alumni connections to write beautiful letters of recommendations for the students. To keep RFH as one of the best schools in NJ, the administration must allow for more stability in certain departments and should practice the act of hiring within.

Submitted by a parent

February 23, 2004

We have had 5 children graduate from RF Regional. All were accepted in their collegwe of choice. The only negative we can offer is that there were 2 or 3 teachers with socialistic leanings; however they have retired or left.

Submitted by a parent

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