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Brielle Elementary School7

Brielle, NJ | Monmouth County


March 14, 2015

This is a great school, the kids are so accepting and don't exclude kids of other races, kids are nice to other kids, the teachers are so nice and keep kids in line, after this school your kid is guarenteed successes. I know this because some of my friends kids are going to colleges like villanova, Notre dame, Temple and Harvard!

Submitted by a parent

August 24, 2013

Such a dysfunctional school and little girls and mothers.The bulling & gossip is OUT OF CONTROL and the school can't get it under control because the parents are partially the blame. Lot's of finger pointing & acknowledgment of the issue but no ol' school consequences because too many 'not my Johnny" mommy to the rescues.They asked me,"what can we do?" How 'bout ol' school suspension! There's an idea! Not till a kid is hanging from a rope will they wake up (maybe). Both parents and kids act like they live in Beverly Hills when in actuality the town can't shake a stick at towns like Rumson, Spring Lake or Short Hills, these folks live in a ignorant bubble. Little girls dress like Jerry Springer trash or micro-mini skirts and hootchy momma shorts and when confronting the school leader's about it they claim they can't be, "the fashion police". My comment back to them was, "YES YOU CAN!". By 4th grade they are dating. Girls and boys don't play together, that's taboo, but they hanky panky together. It's also very clicky because most everyone of the drunkin parents also grew up here. What a soap opera reality show joke. Great education maybe, but therapy for life for your kid too.

Submitted by a parent

May 18, 2010

We have lived in Brielle for 11 years and love the small town feel of our community. I currently have a 7th grader and a 3rd grader attending Brielle Elementary, with a preschooler at home looking forward to kindergarten in a few years. I truly appreciate the welcoming atmosphere the school provides for its students and the many ways it supports their education and social-emotional growth. The students are proud of their school and that reflects on the pride they take in themselves.

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April 15, 2010

We have lived in Brielle for the past twenty years. Our children went to private school, but from our observations, this small town school has wonderful youngsters with interested parents. The most important part of a school is the parental participation that it encourages. We see that happening here. Hooray for Brielle Elementry School.

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September 24, 2009

We have teachers and staff who want to be there to teach our children. Our kids enjoy the close relationships they have with the staff and other students. I currently have 3 of 5 children attending Brielle Elementary School and have been able to experience the staff at multiple grade levels. I have had a child who need that extra guidence, and the staff was there year after year to assist him in learning to his greatest ability.

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November 14, 2008

This school is horrible. The Principal and Vice Principal do not put the kid's interests first. For a town that has more than enough wealth and sinks thousands per child into education, the school should be ashamed.

Submitted by a parent

July 25, 2007

I have children here and I have been very happy with all of the teachers.

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December 6, 2006

Despite small class sizes there is little focus on academic excellence. And, with a Board of Education that is in turmoil and a lame-duck Principal in place, chances are there won't be any time soon. Although there are adequate extracurricular activities, there is certainly no football, ice hockey, or lacrosse. However, my kids do like the lunches. Bottom line, if you want true excellence in this area send you kid to private school or move to Sea Girt, Spring Lake, or Bay Head. They'll be happy at Brielle Elementary, just not challenged to excel. But I suppose that comes mostly from home anyway.

Submitted by a parent

September 22, 2005

The school is very well organized. it has many extracurricular activities such as soccer lacross foot ball basket ball pretty much evrything even ice hockey. the lesson are also done well it follows a high school type lesson plan. it realy helps kids get rdy for high school. it also has i have to say the best lunch that has ever been in a school in the world they serve many good salads burgers tacos pizza and many other things and all low fat and good quality not that junk u get at other public schools and it also has a skit club a dance club a puppet club band, jazz band, art and computers which are all done very well that is pretty much evrything. there is more at ww.briellschool.com

Submitted by a former student

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